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Apple every day


I am kinda freaking out over apples today! I have not had an apple since September of last year, when I started the Low FODMAP diet. The Low FODMAP diet is for those suffering with gross symptoms of IBS. My doctor instructed me to remove everything on the list for at least nine weeks and then slowly (over 3 weeks time) reintroduce foods one by one.

I’ve taken out all of the foods on the massive list and tried reintroducing garlic (which ended up really bad) and mushrooms (which were totally fine and I can still eat today) and then life got too busy to reintroduce more. So here I am, ready to try APPLES! These were my go-to on the go snack prior to starting this diet. Seriously, they are my favorite so I am going to be one sad little lady if this goes bad. For those of you on the low fodmap diet and ready to try apples, LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER! I’m starting off with eating half of an apple every day this week. You can follow my journey on Instagram and I will be doing another post when the 3 weeks is over.

Why Low FODMAP? FODMAPs are carbohydrates (sugars) that are found in foods, but not all carbs are considered FODMAPs. FODMAPs are osmotic (which means that they pull water into the intestinal tract), may not be digested or absorbed well and could be fermented upon by bacteria in the intestinal tract when eaten in excess. I’ll save you the gross details (you’re welcome) but this can cause all kinds of negative digestive functions for those of us with IBS. This is why we stay away from foods that are FODMAPS. Reintroduction can be hell, but when you find out that you can eat a food you love again, it is totally worth it!  Wish me luck!


This experiment failed and my body wasn’t happy. I am able to drink apple juice and have an apple every once in a while. I learned that daily, it’s a no go. But that’s okay, I had a friend ready and willing to take all the apples I purchased 😉

An Apple A Day - 3 weeks of apples


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