Breakfast with the crickets

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I want to tell you about a little gem I discovered last year. I am a celiac and gluten is my enemy so I am always looking for alternative flours to use in my life. One of my favorites is garbanzo bean flour if you haven’t used it, I totally suggest giving it a try for all savory dishes (this is most definitely not a baking flour). Last year I was at a food festival in Salt Lake City, Utah and came across cricket flour protein bars called CHAPUL and I thought WHAT in the world!? I stood there mesmerized by their products and stuffed a sample into my mouth. Honestly I was prepared to spit it out because I had never eaten anything from an insect prior to this moment. But to my surprise, it was actually pretty tasty. I’ll be honest, the flavors they offer aren’t really my style as far as snacking goes. The flavors are super unique: dark chocolate with coffee and cayenne, peanut butter and chocolate, coconut with ginger and lime, and matcha green tea and bananas.  Plus I am a total sucker for inspirational packaging. I promise you, these things don't taste like you're eating an insect, they have the consistency similar to other power bars (think Lara Bar) and you won't even know you're eating little north american bugs who were fed on an organic veggie diet.

So once I got my hands on these I wanted to get inventive with them. Are there other ways to get this awesome protein in my diet without totting the bar around until it’s squished in my purse and I remember to eat it five days later? Most definitely there are!

I decided to pack them into some of my favorite breakfast recipes and I am here to share one with you.

When I am thinking about breakfast I want protein packed and nutrient rich meals to keep me going until lunch time, and more often than not I want savory and not sweet (but you do you!). Oats are one of my favorite things to eat because they keep me full for hours and hours.

That’s when I decided to create Raw Oat Cereal! I keep a big jar in my fridge for easy access. The cereal consists of rolled oats, shredded coconut, and dates that I pulsed a few times in my food processor before putting it all in the jar. I top this with various fruits and coconut milk. This time I added a banana and the chocolate peanut butter CHAPUL bar on top. DELICIOUS!!

Raw Oat Cereal

Super simple nourishing breakfast packed with nutrients! I hope you give it a try! Let me know what you think in the comments.




Please note, products were supplied by the CHAPUL brand.
However, all comments and opinions are of my own and always will be.

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