We’re Jammin’ | Calm Edition | A playlist to calm anxiety and send you off to dreamland


Learning to live with anxiety.

It isn't easy.

Just because you have a panic disorder doesn't mean you're magically armed with all the tools you need to conquer anxious moments. I learned a very important thing about anxiety that I had forgotten for years until I was reminded. 

I have the power. 

I have the power to get through a panic attack. I have the power to locate the tools I need to help me reach levels of relaxation and peace. You too, can cultivate the tools you need to take back your power. That will mean something different to everyone. It could mean taking medication when you truly need it, or using essential oils to help stabilize your mood, or going to a "safe space" and turning on a relaxing playlist until the moment has passed. What is truly important is that you're actively being accountable for your body and mind, that you are listening to what your body needs. 

The past couple weeks I have been compiling relaxing and soothing music. I've been listening to this playlist before bed while inhaling a relaxing blend of essential oils before bed. By combining two of my senses (smell and sound) with a positive experience over and over again, the next time I am in need of a safe space on the go, I am able to turn on this playlist and inhale the aroma of my oils and it will take me back to my own bed right before I go off to dreamland. I have created a safe space that I can go to in my head whenever I am in need.

Sure, that all sounds easier said than done when you're in the heat of a debilitating panic attack, right? 

But the key here is to know when it's coming and support yourself with the tools that you need. Check in with yourself before going into a situation that may send you into a spiral of anxious thoughts. Are you comfortable? Are you suppressing any feelings that may come lashing back at you when it is too late? You can get to your safe space (however that may be), before the panic attack becomes debilitating. 

I am going to try this out on a 14hr plane ride next week. Those of you who have been following my journey, know that planes are one thing that can trigger a panic attack in my life. So this time, I am coming prepared to send myself off into an anxiety free dreamland by using the help of the playlist below. 

Whether you're struggling from anxiety or just need a little helping hand relaxing at the end of the night. Press play and let the stress melt away. Let me know how this works for you! If you have any suggestions from your own collection of chill wind down music, I would love to hear it! Leave it in the comments! 

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