Foam Glow 5K

VIP Foam Glow Gear
VIP Foam Glow Gear

It’s been one amazing summer.  So many adventures to tell you all about! To kick things off I want to tell you about the FOAM GLOW 5K!

These tickets just kind of fell into my lap (thanks, Michelle!), and I think that’s what made this so much fun. I love sporadic adventures. Especially ones that take place at night with awesome music and glowing gear.

I was given two VIP tickets complete with glowing rings, bunny ears, shades, and bottles of liquid glow from a friend. You can’t tell me all of that alone doesn’t sound like a good time!  Add music, foam, and a little bit of exercise to the mix and I am THERE!

Free water stations along the run + multiple stations where you get BLASTED with foam.

Most of the foam mountains were much taller than I am. So running through I was completely blinded by foam and it was AWESOME!  Keep in mind that the snap above was the smallest foam dump that we saw. While you’re at it, follow my adventures on snapchat if you’re not already @purpose2nourish.

Topped off the night with dancing and lots and lots more foam because no event is complete without an after party and a photo booth!

Foam Glow 5k


I would do this again for sure! Just beware, if you are really looking to run the entire 5k, you might need night vision. We ran for parts of it, but it’s pretty dark and all of the flashing lights didn’t help the vision, especially the light up shades. But seriously, it’s DARK! But hey, it’s a fun run so we aren’t complaining!

We went to the Foam Glow in Salt Lake City, UT but this is a national event and they have them all over the country. You can purchase tickets here, go and get your glow on!


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2 thoughts on “Foam Glow 5K

  1. This sounds like so much fun! Glad you had an awesome time. I’ve I’m ever in the country I’ll make it a plan to take part ?

    1. Highly recommend it! Thanks so much for heading over from IG to check out our adventure! You’re the best!

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