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Traveling as a celiac can sometimes feel really daunting for me. I do my best not to let that stop me from attempting to fulfill my endless wanderlust. I always make sure to load up my suitcase with grab and go options like prepackaged kale chips, vegan jerky, and tons and tons of Lara Bars.

When I found out I would be taking a trip to Toronto, I didn’t know what to expect as far as food goes. My only other Canada experience was in Vancouver and the food was delicious and there were a pretty good amount of gluten free options too. However, Toronto is a bit more of a melting pot than Vancouver, so I had no idea what I was in for.

To my surprise, there were endless amounts of gluten free options. I’m not talking gluten free frozen bread that some restaurants buy in a package and head up. I’m talking the real freaking deal here guys! There were gluten free menus with endless options. If you are a celiac who doesn’t eat meat, you’ll know how hard it is to find a vegetarian gluten free sandwich, basically anywhere. Unless you’re in Toronto, not only does Toronto have the #viewsfromthe6 (sorry, not sorry, I just can’t help it), but they also have the best veggie GF sandwich I’ve ever had in my LIFE! The best part was, the bun didn’t fall apart! Most gluten free bread is notorious for tasting a bit like cardboard and crumbling into pieces. NOT THIS ONE! I mean, check out these buns baby!  Thanks, Belfast Love for reminding me how good a sandwich can be. This summer squash and eggplant sandwich completely stole my heart.

Belfast Love Public House


Fun fact about Toronto… Did you know that locals don’t pronounce the T? If they hear you pronounce the T, you’re instantly calling yourself out on being a tourist. I like this though, I’m from Utah and we rarely pronounce T’s. Mountain? You mean mounain, ain’t nobody got no time to pronounce no T!!

Alright, time to talk one of my favorite subjects, tacos! The spicier the better, the more avo the better, the bigger the margarita the better! GIVE ME THE SPICE! Say hello to MI TACO TAQUEIA! I actually ate here twice, because how can you turn down delicious fish tacos, a giant serving of avocado and well-made margaritas? I can’t! Really, I CANT! Tacos are my weakness. It must be the Mexican in me.


Don’t you worry, I ate healthy tacos too! Ever had tofu tacos? They’re amazing! Especially if Fresh Restaurant has anything to do with it!


I ate at Fresh twice, and will continue to eat there each and every time I return. They have the largest menu I have ever seen and at least half of it is gluten free or vegetarian, it is impossible to go wrong. Beware though, there is almost always a wait, which adds to the appeal for me. If I see a line out the door, you know I am stopping to see what’s on the menu. So happy I stumbled upon this place!




Growing up in Utah and being land locked, I get excited when I am near ANY kind of body of water. Toronto’s Harbourfront is the cutest little stroll ever. Between the boats, bars, museums, and #views, it’s one of my favorite parts of the city. Hey drake fans! recognize this beauty??!? #VIEWSFROMTHE6 (sorry, but really not sorry).



Ohh, did I mention the Harbour street entertainment? I was serenaded by these lovely little puppets who obviously deserved a smooch after their show.



ATTN: ALL CELIACS AND CIDER LOVERS! VISIT BOXCAR SOCIAL‘S HARBOURFRONT LOCATION. It won’t disappoint! Pinky promise! You can’t beat these patio views in September.



Okay back to Toronto’s gluten free heaven… Even the blog conference I was attending came complete with fresh, gooey rolls. Shout out to BlogPodium for keeping celiacs in mind! I remember sitting sadly as the smell of fresh bread filled the building, thinking it wasn’t for me (after all, it never is). I walked into the lunchroom to see two baskets of fresh rolls, and one basket was labeled gluten free!! I was so excited that I may or may not have jumped in and started plating my food before we were even told to. I may or may not have had to stop mid-serving to wait until they brought the rest of the food out. But, what can I say? Can you blame me?! I basically filled up on rolls that day.

Sooooo, what did I eat for breakfast? KUPFERT & KIM!! Because I can never ever ever turn down a smoothie bowl, ever! Bonus: their tagline is “WHEATLESS AND MEATLESS” I mean it’s like we were made for each other really.

kupfertandkim smoothie bowl


Thanks, Kijiji for providing me with tons and tons of fresh pressed juice! This made my morning each and every day!  I don’t even need to say it, Toronto is one of my favorite places in North America! It might be the food, it might be because of Drake, it doesn’t really matter though!  Cheers Toronto! …Until next time.




Off to my next adventure…

xox Whitney

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