Hiking Haleakalā Crater – Maui Hawaii

Hawaii, the land of endless blue views and amazing hikes without the gross creepy crawlies that reside in the mainland mountains.  That was my favorite part about exploring Hawaii, I could wander freely without having to look down constantly for snakes and spiders.
Before I tell you about my journey, allow me to provide you with some facts that I wish I had known BEFORE I went on what I was told was a “short and super easy sunrise hike". HA!
  • Haleakalā also known as “The House of the Sun” is the East Maui Volcano.
  • It is a HUGE volcano that forms around 75% of Maui. The tallest peak reaches far above the clouds at 10,023 feet.
  • ABOVE THE CLOUDS!! Do I need to repeat that?
  • My niece thought we could start our morning on this hike at sunrise and be done within two hours and onto our next adventure.
  • Did you hear me say ABOVE THE F-ING CLOUDS?! Crazy 19 year old!!!
Completely unaware of what we were about to embark on, my husband and I woke up early, grabbed a small water bottle, a mushroom jerky for each of us, a can of nuts and set out on our way. We didn’t make to the trailhead before the sun came up, but we were just in time to catch some beautiful sun flares. My husband and I call this time of day the golden hour, same for sunset. I can never ever get enough of those natural flares. GIVE EM TO ME!
Haleakalā National Park
Haleakalā Trailhead, Maui
Hiking Hawaii
After just thirty minutes into the trail we were already blessed with breath taking views. The craters were unbelievable.
My niece kept saying “We are just going down there to that cabin”, I have bad eyesight even with my contacts in and could never figure out where she was pointing to. However, when I did finally see the little SPECK she was calling a cabin I started to realize what we were in for. Switch back after switch back we descended into the gorgeous volcano craters, and the more we saw, the more I knew it was too late to turn back, we are a stubborn bunch so we were fully committed. It was so worth it!


Haleakalā Peak Views
Haleakalā Peak Views
Volcano Crater Hike

One of the coolest part of the hike was walking through all of the lava. Black rocks everywhere, it was such an out of this world journey. There were a ton of times that we felt like we were on mars, it was pretty epic. 

Haleakalā Crater

If you need to rest between the cabin, don't worry, there is a nice little ledge perfect for a nap. She actually fell asleep here. Not even joking, the rest of us may have been a little jealous. 
Maui, Hawaii
Don’t get me wrong, this hike isn’t the most strenuous hike you'll ever do.
Most importantly, take lunch if you’re going to head to the cabin. Sit in the shade, take a rest and just take in the views, look at the peak you just came down in awh. Thank your body and your mind for going on the adventure together and breathe in the fresh air.
I think that the hike just felt extremely long when you’ve ran out of water and thought you were only going to be gone an hour or two, but really ended up taking around 5-6 hours to get down to the cabin and back out.
Did I mention that later the same day we needed to kayak to our yacht AirBNB? Hahahaha. Did I also mention that I am more out of shape than I realized? HA!


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What an adventure! All worth it though. If you’re ever in Maui, go! Haleakalā will NOT disappoint!
But strongly advise starting as early as possible. We were so close to seeing the sun come up from the trailhead and I can’t even imagine how much MORE gorgeous it would have been if we had made it. 
All in all, one of my most favorite hikes and experiences, being above the clouds with my loved ones was magical and something I will cherish forever.


Hiking Above the Clouds, Maui Hawaii


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