Let’s fall in love with JACKFRUIT!

Let’s talk about Jackfruit.
As someone who’s goal is to be 100% vegetarian one day, I know that jackfruit should one day be a huge part of my diet. The nutritional benefits from this magic fruit are endless! It’s packed with fiber, protein, calcium, and iron. It’s been said that the texture of cooked jackfruit resembles that of pulled pork. I’ve seen so many vegans and vegetarians head over heels for this giant fruit. But I just can’t seem to get myself there. I’ve tried it once, and spit it out.
So here’s the deal… 
Once upon a time my alter ego who is in marketing by day, produced a video where american people tried Asian foods on camera.  On that list was a fruit very similar to jackfruit…. DURIAN! Durian is jackfruits much smellier sister. When we cut this thing open it stunk up the entire green room for days and had people practicably throwing up after they ate it because of the smell.
I had a tiny taste of the durian because who was I to force my coworkers to try it without actually trying some myself. If it didn’t have such a strong garbage and rotting smell, it probably wouldn’t have been so bad, but I just can’t shake that smell. I am actually smelling it right now just talking about it, YUCK!! So now every time I see jackfuit, it looks exactly like durian to me, so of course I am going to associate the texture to the smell, I just can’t help it.
So I am asking YOU! Help me fall in love with the worlds miracle fruit – JACKFRUIT!  
How do you eat it?
Raw, cooked?
What are your favorite recipes?
Do you have any tips for preparing? 
Are you struggling with the texture ?
Do you associate it with the smell of durian like I do?
Seriously, I need your help with this one! Leave me some advice in the comments.


On a positive note, on my recent Thailand travels I totally pigged out on durian chips! Those things are amazing, great taste, no smell either. Perfect snack! If you ever come across some, buy them, devour them, and fall in love with them!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s fall in love with JACKFRUIT!

  1. This a lovely fruit which can be used raw as well as ripe. The raw Jackfruit I use as a vegetable and the ripe one as a sweet fruit. You can check one of the recipes I made and I am sure you will like it soon.:)

    1. Wow! This is awesome!! Thank you!

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