Why you should be modifying recipes

Why you should be modifying recipes and how it can help you feel great! - purposetonourish.com

Meal planning is my JAM!  I love to pick out recipes that have gorgeous photos and nutritious ingredients, but often I am unable to consume every single ingredient listed. Sometimes I can’t even eat FIVE of the ingredients, but that doesn’t stop me from modifying recipes and cooking up my own version of deliciousness! It shouldn’t stop you either!

Modifying recipes helped me to make friends with my taste buds and gain a larger understanding of what flavors I enjoy most. We all live in a different body with different life experiences. Aroma and flavor often take us back to nostalgic memories, or sometimes moments we would like to forget.

Cinnamon is one of those flavors and smells for me. When I was a kid there was a person in my life who didn’t bring me joy and their home smelled of cinnamon plug-ins and candles. Now, don’t get me wrong there isn’t a damn thing wrong if you enjoy cinnamon (to each their own), but because of those times I simply can’t be around the sent and it would be even worse if it was in my food. So I opt out of cinnamon each and every time. I substitute with a tiny bit nutmeg if I absolutely think I have to, but I almost always skip it all together, and this has never “ruined” a recipe for me.

When I find myself reading ingredients and saying “Well shoot! I can’t eat that… nope, that will make me sick… and ew I don’t like that” Yet, the photograph and all the other ingredients still sound MARVELOUS! What do I do?? …  I REVAMP IT!

Create every dish so that is suitable for you; your body, your taste, and your dietary needs. Make it your own, honey!

Okay, but HOW?

Know your dietary restrictions
For example, I am unable to consume garlic, but that doesn’t mean I am going to give up the flavor of garlic! If my recipe calls for olive oil and garlic cloves, I cook up a 1/4 cup of garlic oil to use instead. I have celiac disease so I am unable to consume wheat. If my recipe calls for wheat flour sometimes I can get away with corn starch (to thicken) other times I will use a gluten free flour mixture. I also shouldn’t consume most onions, but green onions are safe as long as I don’t eat the white parts I am good. So when a recipe calls for onions of any kind, I use green onions instead. Yes, the flavors are different with type each onion, but this is my option for my body and what works for me.

Know your GOALS  
Looking for healthy alternatives to your already favorite recipes?
Swap butter for avocado puree!
Swap pasta for ZOODLES
Swap mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower
Swap white rice for cauliflower rice

Know what is in your kitchen
Reading over a recipe but your kitchen is lacking an ingredient or two? Check for substitutes.
Don’t have ground coriander? Finely chop up some cilantro instead.
Out of red pepper flakes? Toss in a few dashes of hot sauce or cayenne pepper.
Out of olive oil and butter? Try coconut oil! Seriously, I use it for just about everything.

Know what brings your mouth delight 
In our home, we cook up a ton of Asian dishes, many times those recipes call for some kind of sweetener (honey, brown sugar, sweet chili), but guess what… I skip it every single time. Why? Well, I prefer savory and spicy flavors. I have never had much f a sweet tooth. So just a little bit of something sweet can even be too much for me.

Know what benefits your body 
We are in the process of reducing the amount of carbs we eat. Why? My body feels way better when we eat less of them, I have more energy, and my digestive system actually works the way it should. So when a recipe calls for rice noodles, we use kelp noodles instead. Kelp noodles are rich in calcium, iron and vitamin K, all with very low calories too. Just a half cup has only around 34 calories, Wooo!

Revamping and modifying recipes is actually my favorite part of cooking, it’s a creative outlet for me. I can take something that I already know sounds delicious, make it my own, and display it in an artistic way. Of course, the best part is getting to devour it and share it with those I love.


Why you should always modify recipes




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17 thoughts on “Why you should be modifying recipes

  1. I love this post so much because I can relate 100%! I actually find it so fun to see a recipe that doesn’t quite work for me (a. not vegan, or b. not the healthiest in my opinion) and then it is a mission for me to revamp it and make it my own! Feels so satisfying after!

    1. It really does! I love hearing that I am not the only one.

  2. I make shrimp scampi with zoodles and trade out the butter for white wine…yummy!!!

    1. Love that idea, Kim! Sounds divine.

  3. Love those alternatives. I am a huge fan of coconut oil, and anything coconut. Such a divine tropical fruit! On another note, absolutely love the layout of your blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks Khansa! YES! Coconut EVERYTHING!

  4. You hit the nail on the head with this.I constantly tweak recipes according to our diet.That’s the best way to try put new things without crashing your diet

  5. This is such a great article. My brother is allergic to dairy and nuts, so I constantly have to tweak recipes for him. Sometimes the stuff I make for him ends up being better than what I make for the rest of the family!

    1. That’s an added BONUS! Wooo!

  6. This is SO true! Funny, I just saw a recipe this morning that looks beautiful, but has brussel sprouts…I hate brussel sprouts. But I’m going to try the recipe with something similar like cabbage, and see if it works. Whenever I’m making recipes for my blog I find a lot of them on Pinterest, but I always change them up and add my own touches to make it mine.

    1. THIS is what I am talking about. I know so many people who will tell me “Yeah, it looks good but it has _______ in it” and then give up and keep looking for something else that fits in their box. So not worth it for me, be adventurous and make it your own! It’s the best!

  7. Great tips. I think you give courage to people who might be too timid to deviate from a recipe!

  8. Nice article. These days so many people are food sensitive, but simply do not listen to their bodies, and by ditching just a few ingredients they could be so much happier, healthier and free from all the unwanted symptoms…
    For me, the garlic is the one ingredient I have to avoid (luckily I don’t love it too much), but I adore cinnamon, and if I had to replace it, I would definitely try with carob powder 🙂

  9. This is so fabulous! I’m in the very, very early stages of hyperthyroidism so I need to avoid gluten when I can. Many people think it’s so hard to modify and it’s really not! You just gotta go for it 🙂 Thanks for this helpful post!

    x Kathryn | http://www.fashionablyfrank.com

    1. I absolutely agree! There aren’t many rules to cooking, make it your own! .. Just don’t burn the house down and you’re good! haha!

  10. I so agree! I have a long list of food allergies so revamp every single recipe I cook. I loved your thoughts on cinnamon. Interestingly enough, I’m actually allergic to cinnamon and simply just substitute allspice or cloves instead. Loved this post!

    1. I didn’t even know a cinnamon alright existed! Wow, goes to show there are so many foods our bodies can be sensitive to. Glad you aren’t letting it stop you from eating well”

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