Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats!

I’ve been swooning over these on Pinterest for months now. Our schedule at home has recently taken a complete turn and our weekly free time is dwindling. So I am all about anything I can prep at night or days prior and grab and go in the morning!

I was extremely nervous about serving these to my husband, but the morning I sent him off with his first mason jar full of color and texture, I received some text praises as soon as he dove in. Today he even mentioned he couldn’t see himself getting sick of these any time soon. Can we say SUCCESS!?

The recipe is simple:

Mason Jars
Granola &/or rolled oats (we use Gluten Free for myself and regular for my husband)
Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds
Chopped Almonds (or nuts of your choice)
Fruit of your choice (We really enjoy Blackberries)
Honey or Agave (if you want extra sweetener)
Milk of your choice (we use Almond)


At night fill each jar with:

½ c milk
½ c granola &/or rolled oats
1.5 tsp chia seeds
1.5 tsp flax seeds

Put the lid on the jar, give it a good shake and toss it in the fridge until morning. To streamline things, have all of the fruit rinsed, nuts chopped and ready to go before bed.


Add the toppings in the morning:

1/4 C granola or more if you prefer
your choice of fruit & nuts
and then add some additional almond milk on top

When you arise for your new day open the jars, add additional granola, fruit, nuts, a little honey and more milk if you prefer. DO NOT shake the jar until you’re ready to enjoy. This will help prevent the new granola from getting soggy.


There are endless combinations! Maple & Brown Sugar, Strawberry Banana, Blueberries & Cream, experiment and comment with your favorite. I’d LOVE to try your creation.

While enjoying, stir with your spoon to keep combining as you eat.

Our favorite part of this meal is how filling it is! TIP: If you want to give it some extra protein, add a half scoop of your favorite protein mix and additional milk and shake up really well.

Head over to Food Network for the some additional overnight oat ideas.


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