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Haleakalā Trailhead, Maui

Hiking Haleakalā Crater – Maui Hawaii

Hawaii, the land of endless blue views and amazing hikes without the gross creepy crawlies that reside in the mainland mountains.  That was my favorite part about exploring Hawaii, I could wander freely without having to look down constantly for snakes and spiders. Before I tell you about my journey, allow me to provide you […]

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Visiting Elephants in Chang Mai Thailand

What I really thought about visiting one of Thailand’s Elephant Sanctuaries.

When you think about a trip to Thailand, I think it’s pretty common that most of us who have never been there see visions of beautiful beaches, night markets, and getting to spend one on one time with tigers and elephants.  Sounds like heaven right? For years the Tiger “Sanctuary” had been on my bucket […]

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Foam Glow 5K

It’s been one amazing summer.  So many adventures to tell you all about! To kick things off I want to tell you about the FOAM GLOW 5K! These tickets just kind of fell into my lap (thanks, Michelle!), and I think that’s what made this so much fun. I love sporadic adventures. Especially ones that take […]

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