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Why you should be modifying recipes and how it can help you feel great! - purposetonourish.com

Why you should be modifying recipes

Meal planning is my JAM!  I love to pick out recipes that have gorgeous photos and nutritious ingredients, but often I am unable to consume every single ingredient listed. Sometimes I can’t even eat FIVE of the ingredients, but that doesn’t stop me from modifying recipes and cooking up my own version of deliciousness! It […]

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Life of a Celiac

This is what a being a celiac looks like. This is what I look like days after I consumed an inch size piece of wheat bread. Bloated and in pain for days. It feels like my stomach is getting larger by the minute, it’s painful to touch, and I feel sluggish and in a daze. […]

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Garlic Substitute

  Ohhh garlic, the flavor of the gods!  Living with IBS and having flair ups caused by garlic or having a garlic allergy/intolerance can be tough! Garlic is in more foods than I realized and avoiding it hasn’t been easy. So what do I do when I am cooking up a recipe that calls for […]

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