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Let me start off by saying I’m that girl who gets most of her arm work-out by carrying around her water bottle. I’m 4’10” and I lug around a half gallon of water everywhere I go. Yeah, you heard me, HALF A GALLON! Whether it is sitting in my car and I fill up a smaller bottle before I go inside somewhere or if I am out & about I will be slamming the giant glass bottle on every counter I find.  My water is always with me! You know that naked feeling when you go somewhere without your phone? Yeah, I feel like that when I am without my water bottle! WHY? Because I have trained myself to make hydration a priority.

Sure, I was once a caffeine addict… Coffee in the morning on the way to work, a couple cups of morning tea, followed up by an afternoon energy drink (or two) and maybe just maybe I might have had a glass or two of water by the end of the day. I know this sounds familiar to some of you and you are nodding your heads as you read this, I see you! That routine eventually caught up to me and landed me in an inner-city Los Angeles hospital for 14 days. I was diagnosed with a kidney infection that went septic into my bloodstream that was trying to attack my major organs. Septic infections can be fatal, and I was in a BAD place! I ended up catching pneumonia while I was there too. What an experience that was! A little Utah gal trying to live out her dreams in LA suddenly alone without any family in an Inglewood hospital, pure crazy! Luckily for me as the nurses were writing “Failure to Thrive” on my medical reports I was receiving breathing treatments from my hospital bed for my pneumonia from a cool guy who was so subtlety flirting with me. Which at that time was enough to bring back my will to keep going. Thanks, Simoun!

This could have been a fluke in my overall general health at the time. By the way, the nurses and doctors got after me about my lack of water, diet and caffeine habit, I know that my lack of proper hydration was the fuel to the fire of this infection. I wasn’t drinking anything to help rid the toxins from my body. BIG LESSON LEARNED!


I have since replaced all of those negative addictions with healthy hydration habits. Mmmmmm, hydration! I should have known how important good quality water is because I grew up with my mother purchasing what I like to call “the water of the gods” from a local little Salt Lake City shop called the Water Wellness Center.

Okay, so you hear me.. GET HYDRATED!  If you’re going to make a change make sure you’re hydrating yourself in the best way for your lifestyle. I know you’re probably saying “Type of water? Water is water, this girl is offer rocker!” Take a moment to read about all of the current water options out there, their health benefits and what I think about each one.

 water wellness center slc Vibe Bottles

Distilled: Water in its purest form. Distilled water contains zero minerals or impurities. In my opinion, it is the cleanest tasting water with a silky smooth texture. I know you might be thinking… “Water doesn’t have a texture! This girl is getting more weird the further I read!” Trust me, start comparing. You will noticeably taste and feel a difference in textures. You’ll find what taste you prefer and what your body runs best on. Some people claim that drinking distilled water leaches vital minerals from your body, but with drinking any water, your body will leach out toxins and it should!  Your body will hold onto the vitamins and minerals that it needs. Your water intake should not be the sole source of your vitamin and mineral consumption. Eating a healthy balanced diet will provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs. (Distilled is my #1 water preference)


Alkaline: Made from tap water which has a pH of 7 which is first purified and then ionized with an Alkalizer machine that creates a pH of 9.5. Your body needs to have a perfect pH of 7.4 in order to function its best. When drinking alkaline water, your body does not have to work to turn that water into a perfect pH. During the ionization process, the water molecular clusters are cut in half in size. Water with smaller clusters in size is more hydrating, easier to digest, speeds up new tissue building and waste removal. Read more about the benefits at (My 2nd choice)

Mineral / Spring: Sourced from a natural mineral spring or well that is rich in various minerals, such as salts and sulfur compounds. Some mineral water is flat others are sparking, this all depends on the gas from the spring. Mineralized water is basically tap water with minerals added to it. Still great for you, but as I always say.. nothing beats what nature can do. (I enjoy mineral water when I am doing a lot of hot yoga… DETOX TO RETOX BABY!)

Sole: Himalayian salt crystal water made with natural mineral spring water. I’ve tasted this a few times but haven’t yet committed to purchasing 5 gallons of it. One day I will! Health benefits are believed to be normalization of blood pressure, blood sugar, pH levels and more

Oxygenated: Have you ever spent time at an Oxygen Bar? Drinking oxygenated water is very similar to that experience. Oxygen deprived cells are more likely to become cancerous claims Dr. Otto Warburg, who is a two-time Nobel Prize winner for research. There are many other benefits of oxygenated water, check them out here

Bottled: Comes in all shapes, sizes, and origins; artesian, groundwater, distilled, deionized, reverse osmosis, mineral, purified, sparkling, spring, sterile, and well water. I’m honestly not a fan of these, for some reason bottled water always has a dry texture to me. HAHA! Now you’re really thinking I’m crazy! Hey! If you enjoy it, buy it, but please recycle!

Tap: The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has regulations for the presence and amount of over 90 toxins and contaminants in tap water. This includes E.coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium species, and more. I don’t know about you but any amount of Chlorite & Chlorine in my water (which is allowed) is a NO GO! In tap water news this week: Pepsi admitted that Aquafina bottled water is just plain old tap water.

You hear me? Get Hydrated!

Our body is made of more than 60% water. Our blood is 92%, our brain and muscles are 75%, and get this, even our bones are around 22% H2O!  You’ll think clearer, you’ll digest & remove toxins easier, and you’ll have a ton more energy.


The images featured in this post are from my bi-weekly trips to the Water Wellness Center. I grew up going to this place. This is where my mom was told to get the best water to help her fight her cancer, and I will continue this tradition with my family as long as we live in Salt Lake City. I’ve moved out of the state a number of times, water just isn’t the silky smooth clean taste anywhere else. Sorry out of towners! Seriously, if you live in SLC go check this place out. Buy 5 gallons receive 5 FREE (new customers)!

The Vibe Bottles & OM bottle decal featured in this post are made by our friends at Vibe Bottle. Express your vibe with your bottle and hydrate like you mean it! These “sacred water vessels” made by Reiki Energy Healers. Go on and get your VIBE on baby!


PEACE, LOVE, AND happy hydration!

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