Toxic Free Makeup + Skincare Review

I’ve been asked so many times what beauty products I use. Let’s face it, if you’ve been on this wellness journey for a while like myself you’ve done your research and you know that most of the makeup out there is barely regulated whatsoever.  Many of the products out there are filled with all kinds of toxic chemicals.  Many are tested on animals or use animal-by-product, even worse prolonged use of these ingredients can lead to cancer or hormone interference.

When I started trying to avoid these products I stopped wearing a lot of makeup because I simply couldn’t find the right alternative. Where could I shop? What could I buy? I substituted with products I found in my local Whole Foods, but still, the ingredients list wasn’t always something to jump for joy about.

Toxic ingredients and what’s so bad about them?
I do my best to stay away from any products that can cause cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, hormone interference, harm to the brain or nervous system,  irritation of the skin, eyes, or lungs, and any other kind of toxicity what so ever. WHY? Because why would you knowingly subject your body to that kind of product? GROSS! I also try to use products that are gluten free, vegan, and not tested on our animal friends.

Here are a few ingredients to keep an eye out for

Used for: Preservative
Health Risk: Can mimic estrogen and can interfere with hormone function

Ethanolamine Compounds (DEA/TEA/MEA)
Used for: Giving cosmetics a creamy or foamy texture
Health Risk: High doses can cause liver cancers. Can cause precancerous changes to the skin and thyroid

Used for: Preservative (in both cosmetics & food)
Health Risk: Possible human carcinogen and can interfere with hormone function

Coal tar dyes
Used for: Coloring/pigment (look for a 5 digit color number)
Health Risk: Human carcinogen, may cause cancer and may contain heavy metals toxic to the brain

Coal tar dyes
Used for: Moisturizer
Health Risk: Can contain heavy metals (lead, iron, cobalt, nickel, cadmium, arsenic) which may cause organ toxicity

Pretty scary stuff, am I right?  So in my search to start wearing a bit more makeup again, I decided to get my hands on some of the alternative products out there and see how they compared to each other. In all honesty, this was a bit of a challenge for me. I had let go of any kind of morning or night routine for the past couple of years. But after awhile, it was pretty refreshing and I looked forward to pampering myself.


CRUNCHI Toxic Free Makeup


CRUNCHI is a newer line of cosmetics. They are extremely choosy about their ingredients and pride themselves on being gluten-free, cruelty-free, toxic free, and vegan.

What I tried & what I thought

Bronzer – Okay, I may have went to a couple of festivals this year, I may have gotten a toxic spray tan, and I may have fell IN LOVE with the bronzer to keep my skin golden.  But hey, it’s about balance, right!? I absolutely love this product, it gives you a glowing bronze look, but being honest here, this stuff gets EVERYWHERE, do not wear it with light colors! Or apply in your car, unless you want it to shimmer everywhere forever (learned that one the hard way). Now that summer is coming to an end and my skin never got a true tan, I am finding this stuff hard to use because it is just too dark, so it will probably get put away until I am off vacationing in tropical areas this fall.  But, would I purchase this stuff? YES, but it will be mainly used for special occasions.

Makeup Primer – I used the foundation with and without the primer, I didn’t notice that the foundation stayed on longer with it, nor did I notice that my face was more moisturized with the primer. Would not purchase this one.

Foundation – I had heard raving reviews from friends about this stuff. I was really excited to finally be able to test it out. Sadly, this one was a flop in my book. I really think this depends on skin type, though. I don’t have super dry skin or oily, it’s pretty normal, but this stuff either flaked or make my skin flakey. Would possibly try again with coconut oil on my face first, but I didn’t have a large enough sample to do so. I really want to love this stuff, but I am undecided.

Makeup Setting Powder – I like this! Gives you that finished look. I had some of this leftover after my foundation was gone and used with other products I had and I really enjoyed it. I even think it kept my makeup on longer. Would purchase!






ARBONNE products are created with pure, botanically based ingredients. Their ingredients are free of parabens, animals, phthalates, and many other toxic ingredients.

What I tried & what I thought

It’s a Long story Mascara – I have super long lashes naturally, and mascara and curling my eyelashes is the one thing I must do before leaving the house if I don’t do anything else. I am picky about my mascara, this stuff did not win me over. I am curious if the real brush is different than the brush in the sample kit. I typically pick volumizing mascara to make my lashes look thicker. This stuff did give my lashes great length but kept them pretty separate because of the brush style. While this isn’t for me, this might be the look you are going for. Final verdict: would not purchase again, but not a bad product (didn’t smudge during the day). I suggest trying if you are looking for length.

Makeup primer – I like this, it reminds me of coconut oil, a little bit goes a long way. I used this with the BeautyCounter foundation and thought the pair were a match made in heaven. If it worked that great with another companies product , I am super curious to see how it would work with the Arbonne foundation. Would purchase!

RE9 Advanced – This is a set of 7 different anti-aging products. It’s intended to firm, smooth, and moisturize skin. Plus decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. My favorite product out of the package was the Regenerating Toner, so refreshing + my face had never felt cleaner. The bonus was I remember toner used to try my face out, and this stuff didn’t. As far as the whole kit goes, I can honestly say I did notice tightening around my eyes with these products, can I get a HALLELUJAH? This is a big package, I hope you can get your hands on some samples so you can try them all out before making your purchase.

Lifting and Countering Eye Creme – After I finished the RE9 kit, I continued on with this product, and I am obsessed. I wish I would have started using eye cream years ago. Would purchase!




BEAUTYCOUNTER sources responsibly and does their best to use non-GMO ingredients. Before an ingredient goes into a BC product it must pass an intense screening processes.  Many products don’t pass the test, BC has over 1,500 products on their “never list”.

What I tried & what I thought

Countertime Collection – This an anti-aging line that includes 5 products. If I had to pit this against the Arbonne line, I am honestly not sure which one I would select. They both are great lines and they both made my look and skin feel phenomenal. The Vibrant Eye Cream was my favorite from this line, it gives you a little tingle which I loved. Try it!

Peppermint Lip Balm – Who else bites their lips when they are stressed out? Is it just me? I was excited to try this lip balm and I LOVED it! It gives you that minty fragrance but it doesn’t burn your lips. I will just be over here scrapping my sample of this one if you need me.

Nourishing Balm – This product confused me at first! I had to watch a youtube in order to understand how to use it. Feels like lip balm, but it’s actually makeup remover… WHAT!? I know, it blew my mind too! You put it all over your face and then wipe it off with a cloth wet with warm water.  It’s a pretty great product, seriously takes your makeup right off. I am on the fence about this one, though. I am still a devout member of the I’ll use coconut oil for any and everything possible club.  So, give it a try for yourself, maybe you’ll fall in love.

Foundation – OBSESSED!! I can’t get enough of this stuff! It goes on so nicely and leaves an almost dewy finish. Lasts all day, especially when I used the CRUNCHI setting powder. I will probably be a long time user of this foundation. I know that foundation can be one of the hardest products to find that works + is toxic free. Give this stuff a try, I think you’ll love it!

Body Lotion – This stuff smells amazing and gives your skin hydration like never before. Honestly, this stuff is so good that you will think you are using something toxic. Every other kind of natural lotion I have used has always felt watered down, so I would have to put coconut oil on first and then lotion on top to keep my skin moisturized. I do not have to do that with this stuff!  Would purchase!


I hope you enjoyed learning about my take on these products and brands. All opinions are my own, I wouldn’t steer you to a product I wasn’t in love with. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products please contact the reps below:

CRUNCHI –  Stacey  + Instagram

ARBONNE –  Leah  + Facebook

BEAUTYCOUNTER –  Angela  + Instagram


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3 thoughts on “Toxic Free Makeup + Skincare Review

  1. LOVE THIS! amazing post about an important subject! Beautiful blog!

  2. This is great info! I’ve been bothered by toxins in skincare and makeup ever since my mom got cancer. I know there is a lot of harmful stuff in our environment and I’m not fond of putting them on my skin.

  3. Thanks so much for posting an honest review of this makeup! As toxic-free makeup isn’t at all mainstream it’s hard to find bloggers who will try and test chemical free makeup. I haven’t heard of Crunchi or Beautycounter before – I’m from Australia, so thanks for the heads up I will check out their stuff! It is so important to purchase chemical free and cruelty-free cosmetics. The chemicals you listed are just SOME of the filthy toxins that are prevalent in so many daily items from toothpaste to deodorant to foundations. My campaign Pretty Toxic ( is designed to educate people on the dangers associated with these harmful ingredients and encourage people to switch to chemical free, cruelty-free makeup! Check it out if you like! Sophie x

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