I used this app for 100 days straight!

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to set a habit, well my personal research shows longer!

Last year there were a lot of things in my life that I said I wanted to stop doing, start doing, or limit how much I was doing something. But I just didn’t know how to make any of that happen. I felt overwhelmed, I can be forgetful at times, and especially when I am stressed I don’t put healthy habits first.

So I went into my app store and downloaded every “habit tracker” I could find. Tested them all and ended up disliking most of them. Until I found this one!  I am over the moon in love with this app. It has changed my life and helped me get to know myself on a deeper level. It has encouraged me to check in with myself daily, which I now realize I hadn't been doing for a long long time.  


Allow me to introduce you to Daylio.


Daylio is meant to be a mood tracking app. But for me, it’s a mood tracking app first and a habit former/breaker second. I struggle with panic disorder agoraphobia, also known as PDA. This app helps me track how often I am having panic attacks, how I’m managing them, and what I did that day leading up to the attack. Helping me discover, what stresses me out, what triggers attacks, I've even discovered what daily activities increase my mood and productivity.

In addition to that, I am able to check off goals that I have accomplished for the day. It’s extremely customizable, with cute little icons that you can title anything you want. For example, some of the things I track are if I've ridden my bike, if I’ve set aside time to color, if I’ve meditated,  and even if I’ve taken my health supplements. The options are endless, which means so are the benefits! 


I’m going to be really open and honest here and post actual screenshots of what I’ve been tracking. So please, let’s make this a no judgment zone. I’m sharing this because it has had such a positive impact on my life, and I would love to see someone else benefit from it too.


You can pick from tons of icons when creating your list of things to track.

This is what my list looks like.
(no judgment zone please)

Daylio displays your history using graphs making it easy to see how often you completed specific tasks over the last month and how each of those tasks correlated with your mood. It’s been extremely eye opening to see how my daily activities contribute to how I am feeling.

Don't struggle with panic or anxiety? Don't worry EVERYTHING is customizable.
You can change the text on the little smiley faces to say anything you want!


Last week I celebrated ONE HUNDREDTH DAY of using Daylio!! Wooooo!! I would love to challenge YOU to start using the app for 30 days straight and come back to me and tell me how it has impacted your life. It’s a private app, they don’t store your info. Everything you track and write is private for your eyes only. Which means you can track absolutely anything.

If you’re not struggling with anxiety, try using the app to track your stress levels or even just good days to bad days. It takes under 60 seconds to reflect on your day before you go to bed each night. I’ve even started writing little mini journal entries in the comment section for each day. It feels so good to let out what I was struggling with emotionally that day or to give gratitude to what made me smile.




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