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“I wonder if snow loves the trees and fields…It covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”

-Lewis Carroll

Snow…I haven’t seen snow in Idaho’s Treasure Valley like this in years. I remember looking through old photos from Winter in the 90’s thinking to myself, “wow, it used to snow A LOT. I miss that.” The last couple of days, we’ve gotten at least four inches of beautiful, white, fluffy snow, and it’s supposed to be the same tomorrow.

While I should be excited that it's the holiday season and I get to spend time with family, I can’t help but feel those Winter Blues creeping in.

This might be TMI for all the guys out there reading this, but it very well could be that Red Week is almost here…or Shark Week…or as my friend Stefanie calls it, “Martha.” All terms aside…periods are never fun.

I’m tired, I’m grumpy, I feel nauseous, my body is sore, I’m hungry, I’m not hungry, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m irritated…GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER CAROL!

It very well could be a combo of Red Week and Winter blues. Who the hell knows. Either way, I wish there was a way to have snow and warmer temperatures. I love playing in the snow, I love adventuring in the snow, but I absolutely HATE being cold. Even when I’m all bundled up, I still get cold. Longer days would be nice too. On December 21st, I was stoked to have been reminded that it was the shortest day of the year. Even though the days ahead are only longer by seconds, the thought of having longer days makes me happy. Need. More. Sunlight!

Sunshine fuels me. It feels amazing on my skin, and it gets me excited to go out and adventure. When I look outside right now, the only thing I can think about is all the crazy drivers out there that don’t have a single clue about driving in the snow. I grew up in this, so I’m used to driving in this stuff. But other people…they’re what scares me.

I want to go on an adventure and not have to be a huge stress ball the whole way there yuhfeelmeh?

Talon (my fiance) and I did go out in to the forest the other day, which I’ve made a vlog on and will be posting as soon as we have wifi on the 28th. We got some killer shots and got to galavant through the trees with our pup. But, it was 19 degrees (12 degrees with the wind chill), and we both realized that we needed better snow boots and gloves.

I’m so back and forth with my emotions on Winter. Some days I love it, some days I hate it, some days I love the IDEA of Winter and would rather just watch it unfold from under a cozy blanket. Then my, “I can’t sit still, I need to get out and do something” bug hits. I get bored and there’s absolutely no reason anyone should be bored in a world as big as the one we live in.

Talon grabbed a few of our books yesterday that I think are worth diving back into. I’ve never been a reader, I actually struggle with it most of the time, but it beats going through our stack of DVDs trying to decide if we should watch Step Brothers or Talladega Nights.

Sure, cuddling up and watching movies is nice, but sometimes I’d rather do something more productive that’s going to fuel my brain instead of quoting every line from a movie we’ve clearly watched 100 times.

If you guys are looking for some good reads/interactive journals, I’ve got a good list for you…which is saying something, because I only read books that are REALLY good. If they suck, my ADHD says, “fuck you! Put that shit away!”

I do heavy research before I make any purchase of a book. Most of them are self-help books, which is awesome if you’re finding yourself in this Winter blues funk too.

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How to Be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad): an interactive journal that doesn’t TELL you how to be happy. Instead, it has little things you can do that will tell your brain, “hey…this is what makes you happy,” which is a nice reminder when I need it the most!

Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential: I bought this book after combing the internet for the best self-help books during a time of soul searching. I passed up a lot of Oprah books that sounded killer for this one. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can tell you right now that I’m about 80 pages in and this girl is someone almost anyone can relate to. We’ve all hit a rut, or we will at some point in our life, and this is definitely one you need on hand. The author of this book wrote another before this one came out called Find Your Happy: An Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest that I plan on purchasing very soon.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things From Taking Over Your Life: This book really puts things into perspective. Little things like spilling a glass of water, someone cutting you off in traffic, forgetting something at the grocery store, getting in a fender bender…all the things in life that we stress about that we absolutely shouldn’t be. Richard Carlson does an incredible job at getting you to see things from a different angle, and this is one that I’ll read again and again for the reminders. It’s easy to get sucked back into the “norm” of being stressed out about everything.

1,001 Ways to Live in the Moment: I flip open to random pages of this book when I’m feeling a little blue. You can read this from front to back, or you can use it as your go-to when you need some inspiration or reminders. It is exactly what the title says…ways to live in the moment, and we could all use a little bit of that amiright?

52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration For Positivity, Balance, and Joy: I found this book after a friend of mine sent a photo of her 52 Lists Project journal. It caught my eye because of its beautiful cover. I immediately went over to Amazon to purchase a copy for myself. As I was scrolling through, the 52 Lists for Happiness caught my eye. Not only because the cover was beautiful (just as the cover is for the other journal), but because it said, “inspiration for positivity, balance, and joy,” and who doesn’t want more of that in their life? I LOOOOOOVE making lists. I literally make lists for E V E R Y T H I N G. So this journal was 100% calling for me. I suck at free writing in a journal, so interactive ones like this are supes helpful. Plus, it’s a WEEKLY journal! I can definitely find time once a week to do some personal writing.

The Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress, More Peace: I haven’t made it as far into this book as I wish to be, but I’m a few pages in, and the exercises are incredible. Mindfulness is such an important thing, and I guarantee this one will change the way you see the world around you.

The Buddha Walks Into a Bar…A Guide to Life For A New Generation: I’ll admit, I haven’t read any of this…yet. Talon has been telling me for months that I need to start reading it because it’s THAT good. From what he’s told me, it explains life, meditation, controlling emotions, etc. in a way that anyone can understand. If books are too complex with a bunch of big words that I have to look up, I won’t read it. But this one lays everything out in a simple, relatable fashion. I can’t wait to dive into this one.

The Little Book of Home Remedies, Mind and Body: Natural Recipes for Peace of Mind: While this one isn’t a self-help book or interactive journal, I had to put this one the list. Here’s why- Talon and I haven’t taken any prescription or over the counter meds for almost two years. Disclaimer: my allergies got so bad this Summer that after trying every natural remedy in the book, they were too severe to fight off without some Sudafed. Also over the summer, I went to the ER for kidney stones, and I wasn’t about to deal with that without some pain meds. Other than those TWO times, we deal with everything else naturally, and I’m always turning to this book for home remedies. It’s got everything from Brain Health to Fatigue, Insomnia, and Menopause, Stress and Anxiety…this book covers a pretty solid amount of health issues.

So there it is! My little book collection that I love! I pulled each of them out to write that list, and I have to admit that I’m feeling a little less winter bluesy after writing it all out! I hope everyone can find a few on there to add to their collection.

I’m also always looking for other amazing self-help/inspirational/interactive journals, so if you have some that you recommend, please leave them in the comments below!

I hope everyone has an amazing week! Please don’t forget to subscribe before you leave!

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