World Peace for Dinner

World Peace For Dinner

I would like to go a place where guns do not exist. Where there are no such thing as ‘borders’. Where we see each and every one of each other as family and beautiful beings. Rather than seeing people for their ‘color’ ‘culture’ or ‘sexual preference’ and somehow have that fuel some bizarre kind of hate and judgment. I would like to go a place where we are free to wander the planet without fear.

I would like to go to a place where animals are sacred and loved rather than poached/hunted/and eaten. The people who fill this place sustain off of their land, growing their own plant food and sharing it with their neighbors.

A place where greed doesn’t run everything. A place where peace is in existence and helping each other was all that we knew. A world where our eyes and ears are not addicted to devices, but instead we hold our heads high and ask a stranger how they are doing. Where, instead of sitting online in our free time we walk with our loved ones outside just to talk about their day.

We are human, we are family, and we are one. Yet the world that I live in today is full of hate, judgements and violence.  It’s become so uncomfortable to love one another.  It’s become unacceptable to talk in passing. It’s become ‘creepy’ to smile at someone when they walk by. How did we get here? When did the culture’s we don’t know a lot about become something we are afraid of, or even worse something we don’t accept?

When did we begin to disrespect our land, water, and air? These elements nourish us. Without these elements humankind will be no more. When did a planet so big and beautiful stop being about humanity together and become a place where everyone is in it for themselves?

We are human beings, we are a family, and together we are one.

Humanity needs to find its roots.

Mother earth is begging you start not only respecting our land but loving the planet as a whole. Loving each other, and making sure earth is the home it was meant to be for all of humanity. It is time to let go of the hate, let go of judgements, let go of your greed. It’s time we stand up for the future human beings, animals, plants and all living things. It is time we change. It is time that we step back, take a look around and ask ourselves how we get to a state of natural and peaceful living.

I do not want to live in a world so full of hate and violence that I have to teach my future children to always have an emergency escape plan. Telling them to check for exits and  places to hide in case someone who’s having a bad day, just had a bad break up, dislikes their teacher, or is full of a hateful heart somehow gets their hands on a firearm.

This is 2016 and we are still at war. Since the beginning of time.

We are human beings, we are one.



this is not a place for hate. negative comments will not be approved. this post is to promote peace and share how i am feeling after this weekend’s events. #prayfororlando


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